Aligera was founded in 2009. Since then, the company has gradually developed and at the end of October 2016 had a portfolio comprising 16 wholly- or co-owned wind turbines with a total output of 38.5 MW and annual production of 104 GWh. Aligera also has an ownership interest of around 20% in Slitevind AB, with its own production of approximately 150 GWh.


As at 30 November 2016, Aligera's holdings comprise 12 wholly-owned and four partly-owned, of which 6.5 are in the SE3 price range, and 8.5 in the SE4 price range. One of the turbines is a Danish Vestas V90 with a 2-MW turbine, two are Danish Vestas V-100 with 2-MW turbines, two are German Enercon E-82 with 2-MW turbines, four and a half are German Fuhrländer FL 2500 with 2.5-MW turbines, and five and a half are Chinese Sinovel SL3000 with 3-MW turbines.