Aligera is one of Sweden's leading companies within land-based wind power. Its ambition is to be an active force in the development and consolidation of the Swedish wind power market. The operative goal is to be the largest in Sweden for renewable electricity production.

Aligera was founded in 2009. Since then, the company has gradually developed and at the end of October 2016 had a portfolio comprising 16 wholly- or co-owned wind turbines, with a total output of 38.5 MW and annual production of 104 GWh. Aligera also has an ownership interest of around 20% in Slitevind AB, with its own production of approximately 150 GWh.

Aligera's business model balances an offensive acquisition strategy with a high degree of risk minimisation, in order to ensure stable, long-term shareholder value through capital growth.

Aligera focuses solely on the production and sale of electricity, electricity certificates and guarantees of origin. There are no project development, project design or wind turbine or wind farm construction activities. Service, operation and maintenance are assigned to GreenExtreme AB and operating companies that are owned jointly with external parties, to ensure high cost effectiveness and also allow for a small, but focused, internal organisation.